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Welcome to Creative Quill, the unique portal of wild imagination and immense fun. If you love reading about witches, magical creatures and legends, that's the place for you. Prepare for some major plot twists, meeting new book boyfriends and probably some cliffhangers.

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Guarded for generations, Dahlia’s spinning wheel stood untouched in its glass case…

Plagued by visions and voices in her head, Ivy trains as a witch’s apprentice, shielded from the sleeping curse. When her friends persuade her to visit Chillbury, she follows, hoping to uncover the origins of the infamous curse. In her quest for answers, she unwittingly causes her best friend to fall under the grasp of the sleeping curse. If she listens to the voices in her head, she’ll break the curse. If she doesn’t, everyone could suffer the consequences of her denial.

Will Ivy accept her destiny and break the curse, or will she be trapped in the haunted mansion?

Spin to Sleep is for fans of twists, fairytales, and adventure.

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