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They said the academy was safe.

Now I’m wondering if it’s my job to keep it that way.

Oh, I haven’t introduced myself? I’m Yuri Finn, Prince of Liquiris (and humble sophomore student at Gifted Blood Academy) at your service.

All I want is to get through the school year at Gifted Blood unscathed, but when magic mysteriously disappears, we get stuck in our human forms. And if that wasn’t enough, Mavuto, a freshman shifter, has his mind set on making everyone miserable this year.

If I lose control of my powers, the spirit will awaken. Then it’s game over.

Can’t a prince get a break?

Now I’m supposed to band together with the shifters who made my life hell and all the other species who obviously have their own agenda.

Yup, I’m probably going to die.

Readers who love magic academies and mystery will love this epic adventure!

★The Dark Tide is the second book in this YA magic academy series. Get ready for slow burn romance, magical mysteries and chaos!★