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I'm sure everyone has seen news of the war in Ukraine and how hard has been for its people of Ukraine.

All authors have joined forces and set up charity anthologies with the proceeds going to help the people. 

This page will be updated regularly as I see new anthologies come in, so check back soon. 

Please consider buying one of these anthologies and sharing them so we can reach more people. Thank you!

-> Image belongs to the amazing Anne Stokes


100% of the proceeds of Battle of the Heart will be donated to the Red Cross as part of the Ukraine crisis appeal.


Make love, not war.
Battle of the Heart is a collection of short stories centred around the theme of military and war romances.

Can love prevail?


A future torn apart by war…

Adolescence lost to battle…

What becomes of those who lose their childhood to armed conflict?

In this anthology, a diverse group of authors from around the globe bring you a multi-genre collection of short stories exploring the experiences of children trapped in war, to honour those affected by the Russia-Ukraine conflict and support their healing in the future. No one’s potential should be crippled because of trauma inflicted during their most impressionable years, and yet an entire generation of Ukrainians is threatened with just this outcome.

All proceeds of this anthology will be donated in perpetuity to Voices of Children Foundation in Ukraine or another similar charity.

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