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As a writer, I get inspired by many things. Here are some:

I love books. I breathe and live through the adventures I read. Here are some of my favorite reads. Harry Potter has a special place in my heart because this book taught me to love books and The Mortal Instruments was one of my inspirations for The Cursed Girl.

Credit: Harry Potter

Rest: Creative Common

Movies & series

I love movies and tv series! They are a great inspiration and if it's the cinema? Even better! Series are also addictive, so one more episode?

Credit: The Librarians

          Movie tickets

          TWoEE: Creative Commons


Travels are a great inspiration. In fact, some of the places I've been are mentioned in my books, but there are also places I haven't been (yet!). For those, I use fantasy + research. Awesome combination!

Credit: Library


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