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Included in the Glimpses of Time and Magic: A Historical Fantasy anthology.

America, January 12, 1890

I always dreamed of fame and fortune- hearing my name shouted far and wide.
Harry Houdini, the amazing escape artist!

So when I ran away from home to join the circus, I imagined the experience would help me perfect my tricks and bring me one step closer to my goals.

But the circus I joined wasn’t what it seemed.
Every legend from my childhood was real, including an evil mermaid who tricked me into indentured servitude.

Now my dream of being an escape artist has taken on a new urgency.

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The magical island of Ytherynia is home to the greatest magical academy in all the realms. The Gifted Blood Academy is the school every magical student wants to attend. It is the only school where students from a variety of species can mingle and learn together.

Diversity and tolerance are the cornerstones of the academy, but things start to disintegrate when inter-species infighting and disharmony start spreading, not to mention the strange disappearances.

Can the students overcome the division of their social upbringing and embrace the harmony intended for them? Or will the prejudices of teachers and students alike crumble the foundations of the Gifted Blood Academy and bring ruin for all?

Freshman year has never been so unpredictable.